Global studies show 1 in 5 live with chronic pain.

Financially, annual health costs average $3,000 with lost production equally up to $20,000. For some, unmanaged pain has led to poverty, homelessness, and even suicide.

But what if you could become pain-free from the inside out?

Learn skills and tools

that support you to live a pain free life by reprogramming your mind and body.

These skills will be a powerful gift that keeps giving throughout the rest of your life.

Our mind is constantly training our body.

You will learn how your mind works and how a single thought could trigger either harmful or beneficial hormones and chemicals, which affects your body long term.

You will learn tools and skills to become aware your habitual way of thinking and speaking and will start to practice how to shift them by interrupting and creating empowering patterns.You will learn to realign your body with the empowering thinking patterns you create, which will create new thinking-feeling patterns that help your body get back to balance.

Our body in turn trains our mind.

We will focus on teachings and practices that support you to retrain your body.

You will learn to realign your body with the empowering thinking patterns you create, which will create new thinking-feeling patterns that help your body get back to balance.

You are a consciousness having a human experience.

We will put it all together with spiritual healing.

You will practice building and deepening your relationship to spirit by aligning your energy with the Spirit (whatever spiritual beliefs you hold).

You will learn acceptance and surrender. You will let go of resistance, and accept fully, surrender, and trust.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Each module in the course contains:

  • video instructions
  • written components
  • worksheets
  • audio meditations
  • items you can refer to again and again

The course contains over 40 resources, in a variety of formats (written, video, audio).

Bonus: Twice a month I host a group call to answer your questions, and discuss your successes. 

You can access the course on your laptop, or on-the-go through your tablet or smartphone for 6 months.

And you have access to the bonus group calls for the entire 6 months!

Who I Am

I'm Maria Ji.

I've been a Professional Leadership and Transformational Coach for several years.

And I have firsthand experience with chronic pain.

In September 2016, 6 months after a messy divorce, I developed a sharp pain running from my lower back to right foot. After several trips to my doctor and acupuncturist, I learned a new word – sciatica.

In the following 10 months, I was drained by pain. I tried everything to make the pain go away so my life could be back to normal. There were times I had thoughts of ending my life: why bother?

To make the struggle worse, I felt like there was something I was supposed to know and it was my fault for not knowing it: I am a coach, and I should have this figured out. I am not supposed to have a problem that I can’t solve.

I became the pain. It became part of my identity.

Then my coach challenged me. She had me declare a date by which I'd be pain-free. I took on the challenge and declared: I will be pain-free in two weeks!

I had no clue how that would be possible, but what more did I have to lose?

I woke up with half of body burning in pain the same night. Could not go back to sleep, I paced back and forth in the living room. Frustration, anger, rage, fear, sadness, hopelessness, rose and washed through my body. I dropped on my knee and surrendered: Spirit, God, Buddha, whatever you are, I surrender. Please guide me. I am lost.

I prayed for the first time in my life.

I woke up the next morning, pain-free.

My logical mind couldn’t comprehend what I did to make the pain disappear. So I dove into figuring it out. 

I began integrating what I learned into private coaching practice, and my clients started experiencing improvements in their physical health including reduced pain or completely pain-free.

I have been able to stay pain-free ever since. There were times the familiar sensation arises; I would do my work and it disappears almost right away.

I want you to achieve that same pain-free state.

I've always believed that 99% of physical pain is rooted in the spirit. I have been diagnosed with a chronic pain disorder which tends to flare up during times of higher stress. I have been a pro at stifling all my emotional pain and pretending that I'm ok. Lately, it's taking its toll on my physical body. I have been experiencing: severe pain in knees and elbows, difficulty sleeping, unable to lift my arms above my head and overall feeling like I'm 80 years old when I'm a fairly healthy/active 54 year old. 

After a few sessions with Maria, and her great ability to find the right way to address my inner demons, my internal conflict has subsided and so has my physical pain! 

~Tina Bailey

While working with Maria in the last 2 and half years, I have seen substantial benefit, growth and positive change in my life that I know would otherwise not be possible. One of those benefits has been my over all health. It used to be very common for me to get sick or have some type of health issue due to the impact of stress. One health issue that I experienced involved several doctors visits a month, several trips to the hospital for an array of tests. The doctor, and specialists had different possible diagnosis’ but even with their treatments, I continued to feel unwell and continued to develop new symptoms. With the tools Maria gave me, I began to notice a change in my health for the better. After nearly a year of experiencing symptoms such as chronic coughing, shortness of breath and trouble breathing, a runny nose that never stopped, heart burn, and heart palpitations that led doctors to believe I had allergies, heartburn, heart issues, asthma, I am very happy to say that no longer experience these symptoms. I stopped taking my heartburn medication, and no longer use my inhalers. I am so thankful for Maria’s help in achieving this.

~Joanne Millar

Transforming our mind, body and spirit is an ongoing process:

Our relationship to mind, body, spirit shapes our reality. We really have the power to create our own reality.

Albert Einstein said: "The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking."

I would add that by transforming our mind, body and spirit connection, we make foundational change possible, so we really can become Pain-Free from the Inside Out.